Baby, It’s Cold Outside

December 15, 2008

According to iGoogle, it’s 10 degrees here in the CO Springs today. That’s cold, to be sure, but apparently Colorado isn’t used to this kind of weather. Everyone on the news is freaking out and doing live reports from outside, and warning everyone about frostbite and hypothermia. People, it’s not that bad. I’m from Minnesota where it’s regularly 20 below in the winter. We have to plug our cars in at night so that they start in the morning. Ten degrees is nice and balmy. Poor little Coloradans, all scared about the chilly weather.

Yesterday I was not feeling berry good. I woke up all nauseous and achy. I couldn’t go to church or leave the house. It was a good excuse to spend the entire day on the couch — oh wait. That’s what I do every day.

So, some guy threw his shoes at the president. Rude.

Ezekiel the fish is feeling the effects of the cold weather. My roommates and I keep our house at about 27 degrees (we are very cheap), so he gets chilly some days. If it’s super cold, I turn on the fireplace, and he enjoys that, I’m pretty sure. I can see the appreciation in his eyes.

My laid off friends and I are feeling the pressure lately. One of us has to decide whether or not to accept a new job offer. There are a lot of decisions to make — grad school, when to accept jobs we don’t necessarily want, how much to work on freelancing, etc. It’s kind of difficult. But I guess this is where the whole trusting God thing comes into play. It’s easy to talk about God’s faithfulness, but it’s sometimes difficult to put our faith into practice. The cool thing is that I cannot think of one time when God has not proved His goodness to me. He always comes through, always teaches me what He wants me to learn, always shows up in time. Luckily, I have many stones of remembrance to remind me of God’s faithfulness.

I know what you’re thinking. You want another poll. Well, OK. Just this once.

You guys, I do not even know how I would vote! This is a dilemma. Let me know what you think.

Also, what’s the temp in your area today? If you are in Colorado Springs, beware — it is possible that you could get frostbite if you are a wuss. 😉


10 Responses to “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”

  1. Jaci said

    It is 3 degrees out, not 10. And it was -6 this morning. And I am not a wuss (well, I am but it is COLD!)

  2. Jill Anttila said

    It is one million below zero and there are one million inches of snow here in Deer River, MN. That couldn’t keep us from going to the hardware store Christmas “party”, though. I sat next to the Zip-Strip. It was special.

  3. Jaci said

    Also, your poll will only let me vote once! What’s the deal with that?

  4. Julie A. said

    While the Office is a good show, who can argue with the character complexities of lost. BTW I love how all of the CO transplants make fun of the natives. Jeff and I usually do it when we watch people TRYING to drive in the snow. So I feel you Denise on the whole “its cold thing”. But DANG it is cold today.

  5. Laura said

    It’s -29 degrees here in Duluth, I love MN!

  6. Micah said

    I’m so warm, I’m wearing 3/4 length sleeves in our sub-zero office building. Does that make me “not a wuss?” Also, Jaci, I can teach you how to cheat on her polls.

  7. laura said

    18 degrees here. Fahrenheit. Little bitey blowing off the baltic sea though. It’s not the cold that gets me, it’s the dark. This morning at 8:30 it was dark as 4:30 in the morning (or some other dark time when the sun isn’t out…like 4:00 in the afternoon).
    I voted for judge mathis, of course (I don’t have tv here, so I guessed).

  8. Kevbo said

    Well it’s -19 here in Alexandria, MN. Thought I would remind you of your good fortune. 🙂 Cheerio and hello to Ezekiel.

  9. Amanda said

    I live in FL so it was 80 degrees here yesterday. I’d be up for some cooler temps. Just not that extreme.

  10. clarissasparkman said

    It is 77 here in Lexington right now. When it hits 40 around here, people feel as though the might die.

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