Fabulous Friday

December 12, 2008

Party people everywhere, it’s time to get your Friday on! I’m celebrating the end of the week by washing the dishes and hanging out with Jim, Pam, Michael and Dwight. They love to party — Scranton style.

The other good news is that Christmas is one day closer and I have one less day to buy/make/invent Christmas presents for my friends and family. Perhaps I will get everyone a beta fish. Or, I will just share the gift of laughter/awesome Christmas songs. Yes, that is what I will do. Unwrap this merry goodness:

There is one thing threatening to interrupt my Christmas spirit. It’s the lack of my new computer. Good old Dell sent me an email today saying that lots of people are ordering things and they are so shocked and unprepared, and I just need to deal because they won’t be shipping my computer for another seven years. I am not impressed, Dell. You are about to have a Scrooge on your hands.

All of this made me a bit grumpy, but then I started hanging out with Jim and Pam, and I read this post that makes fun of Christianese, and my mood brightened. Also, it’s Friday. You can’t stay upset for too long on a Friday.

That’s all I got, basically. How about this. You give me some good ideas for Christmas gifts, and I will read them and either think they are super or I will make fun of them. Sounds good to me — and go!


3 Responses to “Fabulous Friday”

  1. Anonymous said

    Haha that video is fairly amusing. Is Dave Barnes your friend?

    I tried to think of a good gift idea that would be something that you could give to a wide variety of people. But it was taking too long so I gave up. Sorry ’bout that.

  2. Derek Wong said

    That was weird, I left that previous comment but I got signed out of wordpress.com. So…that was me.

  3. Micah said

    Please do NOT get me a Beta. You’ll only be killing a poor, innocent fish.

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