Stay Entertained During Thanksgiving Break!

November 26, 2008

So, TrueU is all gone. Well, not really. I mean, it still exists. You can still visit it and read the articles. But no more new content, no more witty thoughts, no more self-promoting articles from yours truly. That’s why all of my self promotion has moved to this blog. Speaking of which, you should tell all of your friends to check out my blog of goodness. They’ll get TobyMac updates, Twilight reviews, my opinion on Lost (best show ever) — what’s not to enjoy?!

OK, so I’m getting ready to go to Kansas for Thanksgiving. Because I will be out of town and most likely unable to move from food-over-stuffed-itis, I may or may not be updating my blog for the next few days. But I wouldn’t want to leave you dear readers without some entertainment while I’m gone. So here are some things you can do to keep yourself occupied:

1. Tell all your friends to start reading my blog. Personalized, handwritten invitations, inviting your friends to visit would be best. If you don’t have time for that, just email them the link.

2. Make some cornbread stuffing. My grandma (who’s originally from Mississippi) taught me to make this, and it is my favorite holiday deliciousness. This recipe isn’t exactly the same as mine, but it looks close enough. So good!

3. Check out Jason Boyett’s blog post about why it is probably not the best idea for Christians to put brightly-lit crosses in their yards. Hilar.

4. Start reading I Caputure the Castle or Peace Like a River. Such good books — especially the latter.

5. Send me some money.

6. Read Matthew’s and Jeremiah’s blogs. They’ve got some good stuff and are much more insightful than I am. Also, both of them talk non-stop about their blogs, and how they love blogging, and how many urls they’re going to buy, and how they want to marry their blogs. It will make them so very happy if you pay them a visit.

7. Be thankful for all He has done. Whether life is great or kind of tough, God is always good. Thank Him for the unending grace that we don’t deserve.

8. Start thinking about what you’re going to get me for Christmas.

9. You’ve probably already seen it, but go ahead and watch this video again. Everyone needs a reminder that Jesus is their friend.

10. Go to Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy or Kohl’s on Black Friday. Do one or more of the following: 1) buy my Christmas gift, 2) tell all of the crazy people that once they’re done clawing each other over the last two Wii Fits, they should visit my blog, or 3) become one of those crazy people so that you can give me a Wii Fit for Christmas.

OK, that’s all I got. Have a really great Thanksgiving!

“Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever!” — Psalm 118:1


9 Responses to “Stay Entertained During Thanksgiving Break!”

  1. matthewhjohn said

    I just proposed to my blog.

  2. miah said

    Hey Matthew! We made it to 6th out of 10 on her list! Woohoo! We even beat thanks to God… hmmmm.

    Hey Denise! You might want to put giving thanks to our Provider and Savior at the top of the list… hmmmmm. Who do you think you are, Michael Scott?

  3. miah said

    PS – I am now prepared to never be mentioned on your blog ever again. Totally worth it, kinda.

  4. denisemorris said

    Hey Miah, go make out with your blog.

  5. Kjersten said

    You are hilarious! I’m loving your blog & missing you already…Hope Thanksgiving in Kansas has been good.

  6. Micah said

    You can have my Wii Fit.

  7. Martha said

    I’ve never seen that YouTube video before! Hilarious!

  8. Suzanne said

    You are so funny!!! 🙂 I’m glad I can get in on the “blogging goodness.”

  9. Courtenay Roberts said

    peace like a river is awesome!

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