The Mac is Back — No Slack

November 23, 2008

All of my friends are talking about important things on their blogs. Matthew and Jeremiah both blogged about Wait No More, a sweet adoption event hosted by Focus on the Family. There are more than 700 foster kids in Colorado, and if our churches step up, we could adopt all of them really easily. Accordng to the news, about 250 families started the process today. Way cool.

I should talk about important, life-changing events on my blog. Speaking of which, I saw TobyMac in concert Friday night!!

For those of you who don’t know, I may or may not have a tiny bit of a crush on TobyMac. It all started a long time ago with a little band called dc talk. I memorized every word to every single one of their albums and had crushes on all three of them. I then realized that polygamy was not encouraged at my church, so I focused my obsession on Toby. We’ve even met before — it was a magical moment when I giggled nervously and mumbled a request for a picture. I’m sure he’s never forgotten it.

Toby was so excited to meet me!

Toby was so excited to meet me!

Anyhoo, TobyMac came to visit me in Denver. I coerced Matthew (I promised not to propose to Toby while he was there) and my two besties into coming with me and they even pretended to enjoy it! Actually, I think they did enjoy it. Toby’s shows are always so fun — he has dancers and a DJ and … himself. Good times all around.

And even though my crush on Toby is not real (it may be a tiny bit real), I really do appreciate his ministry. He’s all about diversity and being a “colorful city on a hill.” He’s about Christians getting out and loving people, not just talking about it. And luckily, he’s no longer about fanny packs and plaid shorts.


4 Responses to “The Mac is Back — No Slack”

  1. Mom said

    I used to also love DC Rap.

  2. brbruce said

    Denise, I cannot let you feel alone in this. I too have a deep appreciation for Toby. Though I do think he’s a little short up close. And I was once at a concert where he really was sweating profusely and needed some water or something.

  3. davidccook said

    I’m glad you don’t post about important things …

  4. davidccook said

    Okay, and that was me, Jaci. Not Davidccook.

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