Asleep at the Wheel

November 20, 2008

My friend Ashley called me and told me to write a blog post. Apparently this is something I’m supposed to do on a regular basis. Who knew? (Also, I think Ashley only called so that I would mention her on my uber-popular blog. I’m on to you, missy.)

Anyhoo, here are the haps … basically there are no haps. We did publish two new TrueU articles today. One from Lindy Keffer and one from Jason Boyett. Both are pretty stellar.

I started a Twitter feed so I can be hip with the kids.

I am working on some freelance contacts and trying to find jobs in Colorado Springs. Basically there are none. There are some exciting semi-truck driver opportunities out there, though. Unfortunately, I fall asleep at the wheel if I am driving for longer than an hour. I do think this would be a good chance for me to buff up my trucker hat collection, though.

I am trying to start writing my final article for TrueU. I’m not sure what to say — I suppose I’ll reminisce a bit and try to cram in all of my deepest, wisest thoughts. That should take about 200 words. I’m not sure what the other thousand will be about.

Here’s something: Some of you may be alumni of the Focus on the Family Institute, or you may know a college student. If you do know any college students, tell them that they should probably, definitely, for sure apply. It’s such a good program. Focus on the Family just laid me off, and I’m still promoting FFI. That’s how good it is. Great classes, cool internships, awesome people. Anyway, I think they’re still accepting some applications for this next spring. Everyone should go to FFI. Done and done.

Ok, that’s all I got for now. I really should work on my article. Tomorrow’s update will be very exciting because tonight I may or may not be attending a midnight showing of a certain new movie based on a certain book about a certain girl who may or may not fall in love with a certain vampire … I’m embarrassed. Let’s move on. Also, tomorrow night I’m attending a TobyMac concert, so on Saturday I will give a 10,000 word udpate of every single thing that happened. I’ll even include pictures! I love when my Toby comes to visit me.

K, bye.


One Response to “Asleep at the Wheel”

  1. Micah said

    Your loyal fans are waiting with bated breath to hear your thoughts about a certain vampire.

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