The Bright Side!

November 19, 2008

I’m sad today. I thought I had cool, creative friends. Turns out, I was wrong. This is disheartening. Although props to Kevin for “Denise Navidad.” That made me laugh. Miah’s made me scared and confused. Anyway, we’ll keep working on the blog title.

In other news, I am wearing leggings at work instead of pantyhose! Those of you who know me, are aware that I always look on the bright side of every situation. It’s just who I am. So, I am looking on the bright side of getting laid off. No more pantyhose!

In some less bright-side news, we’re working on shutting down We’ll send out an  e-newsletter tomorrow and send out our very last one on Monday. It’s really weird. If you’re a TrueU fan,  or just want to make me feel better, you should go here and tell us how much you’ll weep and wail and mourn over the loss of TrueU. Do it now.

One other bright side (Ashley, aren’t you impressed?!), is that no job means more time for reading! So now I’ll have time for the great classics like The Iliad, Ana Karenina, ….. The Twilight Series. Yes, I am somewhat ashamed to admit that I am reading those books. They’re pretty good though, so leave me alone! They’re a bit dramatic and a bit too filled with vampire-type things, but they keep me reading. And so far, they’ve been really clean. Those vampires are quite moral when they want to be.

That’s my update so far today. As you can tell, this blog is going to be fascinating. Perhaps I’ll write about something useful at some point. Like whether Bella should pick Edward or Jacob…


5 Responses to “The Bright Side!”

  1. Micah said

    You should get a shameless game…like mine, and proudly admit that you are reading the Twilight saga.

  2. Ash said

    I am still waiting for the first chapter of your book, cleverly titled Seeing The Glass Half-Full: Memoirs From a (Former) Pessimist. Your pending unemployment should give you plenty of time to work on this.

  3. Laura said

    Bank of Denise Morris.

    If I had money, I’d probably bring it to the bank. The bank of Denise Morris.

    That’s all I got.

    When you sell a jillion copies of Capturer in the Wheat, you won’t have to make money by the name of your blog.

  4. miah said

    I hope Denise’s bank is not a lot like Citibank

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