Creative Blog Name, Please

November 18, 2008

My roommate thinks that my blog title “Denise Morris” is boring. I guess she might be right.

So, I need your suggestions, please. I would like to keep my name in the title, however, so that everyone on the Interwebs begins to recognize my name and give me money.  So, here are the stipulations for the blog naming contest:

* Keep “Denise Morris” in the title

* Name must be super cool/witty/thoughtful/awesome/give people the burning desire to hand me loads of cash for no reason

Basically, those are my only two stipulations. Should be easy! Get at it.


13 Responses to “Creative Blog Name, Please”

  1. Jaci said

    “Denise Morris’s awesome blog that you should read so that you are awesome too”


    “The blog of Denise Morris (roommate of Jaci, who is awesome)”

  2. Anonymous said

    the blog of the awesomest person i know!

  3. Kenny said

    oops forgot to put my name

    the blog of the awesomest person i know!

  4. Laura said

    Pay to the order of Denise Morris

    This covers both of the stipulations.

  5. Kevin said

    “Morris Better”?
    “Denise Navidad”?

  6. Lydia said

    I like Pay to the Order of Denise Morris.

  7. Jeff said

    Morris Better – Cash is Best : )

    Denise Morris and her awesome thoughts – put in writing just for you.

  8. miah said

    Cool Den is witty e-thoughtful Mo awesome-r r is giving people the burning desire to hand her loads of cash for no reason

  9. Matt said

    Denise Morris is almost as awesome as Matt Ferrell…yeah I said it

  10. […] 19, 2008 I’m sad today. I thought I had cool, creative friends. Turns out, I was wrong. This is disheartening. Although props to Kevin for “Denise Navidad.” That made me […]

  11. JBarnes said

    How about “Don’t hate me because I’m Denise Morris.”


    “Denise Morris for hire.” (of course this one could be poorly interpreted)


    “The fiscally worthy thoughts of Denise Morris”

  12. ourgreatesthits said

    How about “DeniseMorrisCode: More awesome than dots and dashes.” – Lindsay Talsness

    P.S. I’m really sorry to hear about TrueU…it’s been an incredible resource and I’ve truly appreciated your heart for truth, your readers, and being real.

  13. jamey said

    sorry about trueU i loved it alot!!! 😦 im sad… o well

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